Rotisserie Grill Top 4 (skewers included)

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Rotisserie Grill Top 4 (skewers included)

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Removable grill top, great for small familys and friends reunion, you can take with you and use it at any grill anywhere, it’s light and easy to carry on, easy to clean and maintain.  you also can fix it to your grill ready to use it at any time.. at the speed of your life you just click the button turn on the gas and cook, without the stress keeping turning the meat, and have extra time to enjoy a chat with family and friends   For the charcoal lovers you will work perfect too at any park or any event.

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4 Skewers rotisserie grill, this removable grill TOP, can sit on your grill (gas or charcoal) it’s small and give you planty room on your grill top, to cook other meats like burgers, hot dogs and etc…  you’re going to need a plug or extension cord to connect with power (110 or 220) just be careful with the wire to NOT TO BE EXPOSE on the grill top

  • leght 17 inches up to 19 1/2
  • depth 15 inches and 3/4
  • bivolt 110 or 220
  • wheight 13.2 pounds

this improvise equipment is removable and You need to sit this equipment on the top of your grill safely, make sure it’s safe and secure to operate, be careful with loose wire or kids playing  around it…it’s your responsability to operate this equipment safely.

6 months warranty , do not leave expose at any weather condition to avoid damage to the motor and connections, damage made by your careless will not be cover on the warranty

Additional information

Weight 13.2 lbs
Dimensions 31 x 9 x 5 in


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