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Rotisserie Grill Platinum 5 skewers included

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Nice looking grill and more durable, the top part is for rest the meat after done or for slow cooking. (like full ribs) or to smoke any kind of meat….this material is apropriate for mansory grill at your backyard, or to build your customize grill pit… you have the option to build a barbecue pit the way you allways dream about it…

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5 skewers plus the top part witch will hold another 5 skewers to rest or to smoke meat (you need to buy extra skewers) you going to need an outlet plug nerby or a extention cord. This rotisserie can be removable at any mansory grill or any barbecue pit.

This is perfect to your bussines if you work with Catering, or small restaurants, it’s easy to cook up to 50 people.

You can use this grill in many different ways, to cook whole chicken or full ribs of any meat even turkey if you hame your grill pit top removable, you also can download the (blue print) drawings for mansory from our manual page.

  • hight 13 inches 1/4
  • width 27 inches 1/2
  • depth 24 inches 3/4
  • weight 16 pounds

This grill canno’t sit at the top of your grill, needs to be adjust, if you want something  to sit on the top of your grill, go to our products and choose from rotisserie grill 3 to 5

it’s your responsability to operate this equipment safely.

6 months warranty , do not leave expose at any weather condition to avoid damage to the motor and connections, damage made by your careless will not be cover on the warranty

Additional information

Weight 20.0 lbs
Dimensions 35 x 5 x 7 in


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